2022 Spring Conference - Program

Veterinary Conference Agenda

Saturday, April 23, 2022   Sunday, April 24, 2022
7:30am Breakfast & Check In   7:30am Breakfast 
8:30am Meeting Begins   8:30am Meeting Begins
10:00am AM Break   10:00am AM Break
12:00pm Lunch   12:00pm Lunch
2:30pm PM Break   2:30pm PM Break
4:30pm Meeting Concludes   4:30pm Meeting Concludes
5:00pm Happy Hour      
*Exhibitor room open throughout all breaks


Saturday April 23, 2022

The Cornea (Nettune)
Different treatment plans for each type of corneal ulcer in your practice, and how to decide what the cause of the abrasion might be. We will go through different presentations of corneal ulcers as well as non-ulcerative corneal changes, how to set an owner's expectations for healing, and outline when referral might be the best option.

A Practical Approach To Adnexal Surgeries (McDonald)
Discussion and instruction on proper instrumentation, surgical techniques and ways to avoid mistakes for common adnexal surgeries.

The Conjunctiva And Dry Eye (Nettune)
We will review the different changes to the surface of the eye, and the host of changes that accompany dry eye. We will focus on treatment options to alleviate the discharge, reduce the inflammation, and restore comfort.

Feline Ophthalmology (McDonald)
We will address the more common ophthalmic presentations in a cat-specific format. Emphasis on diagnosing these conditions with treatment strategies will be discussed.

Sunday, April 24, 2022 

Uveitis And Cataracts (Nettune)
Uveitis can lead to cataracts, and cataracts lead to uveitis. In this session we will review how to diagnosis and treat uveitis. The second half of the session will focus on cataracts - from diagnosing and differentiating them from nuclear sclerosis, to the treatment options aimed at reducing the risk of pain as well as a summary of cataract surgery.

Glaucoma (Nettune)
As the most common cause of blindness, glaucoma is a disease with no cure in both animals and people. We will review common presentations for glaucoma, how to trust your tonometer for diagnosing it, medical therapy aimed at slowing it down, surgical options, and when removing an eye makes the most sense.

You're Gettin' On My Nerves (McDonald)
This session will provide a structured approach to neuroophthalmic examinations. We will also highlight ways to assess the retina, important differentials to consider, as well as some video presentations.

Understanding Exophthalmia (McDonald) 
Addressing considerations when dealing with orbital disease will be covered. In this session, we will review common causes of orbital volume changes affecting the globe, with an emphasis on diagnostics and treatments.

Eye Seen An ER (McDonald)
Open discussion encouraged from all during this primarily clinically based session with photographs and presentations of ophthalmic emergencies.


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