Program- 2018 Fall Conference

This conference is SOLD OUT

Saturday, September 29, 2018
7:30-8:30am Registration & Breakfast
Session I — 8:30am

Tips, Tricks and Equipment that will Make Your Dental Life Easier! (Balke)

Do you feel frustrated you do not have the correct equipment or know the little “secrets” to make your dental treatments easier?  This lecture will cover basic equipment needs and simple steps that can make a big difference in your dental suite.  

Juvenile Dentistry—What to Watch for in the Oral Cavity of Puppies and Kittens (Balke)

Dental pathology is often overlooked in our puppies and kittens but can make a big difference in their quality of life.  This lecture will discuss the dental pathology you should be looking for in all your juvenile patients.

Tooth Resorption - It’s Not Just for Cats Anymore. Diagnosis and Treatment for this Frustrating Disorder (Coffman)

Tooth resorption is a painful, destructive condition that affects cats and dogs.  This lecture will cover diagnosis of the various types of tooth resorption and proper treatment.  

Dental Radiology (Coffman)

•A step-by-step method to evaluate intraoral radiographs will be presented: Join us for a discussion on how to use a simple, systematic method of analyzing your dental radiographs so you don’t miss pathology.  

•Uncommon intraoral radiographic findings: Routine and not so common radiographic findings will also be covered. 

Intraoral Radiographic Interpretation:
Case Based Learning (Balk & Coffman)

Put your intraoral dental radiographic reading skills to the test as we walk through cases to teach radiographic interpretation. This lecture will help put more black and white in those grays areas of intraoral radiographs. 

Sunday, September 30, 2018
7:30-8:30am Registration & Breakfast

Session I
— 8:30am

Dental Nerve Blocks and Latest Info on Pain Control for the Dental Oral Surgery Patient  (Coffman)

Dental pathology and treatment can create significant discomfort in our veterinary patients.  We will discuss proper nerve block technique and overall pain control for your dental cases. 

Extractions (Balk & Coffman)

•Extraction of the frustrating root tip
•Smart flap creation for extractions
•The full mouth extraction in the cat

Do you fear removing the dreaded root tip?  Not sure how to create flaps for extraction?  Cringe at performing feline full mouth extractions?  This lecture will help take the fear out of the some of the most dreaded aspects of extractions. 

Should it Stay or Should it go?  
Decision Making Decisions for Dental and Periodontal Disease by Combining Intraoral Radiographs and Clinical Exam (Balke)

This lecture will help you use the findings of your oral examination and radiographic findings to determine which teeth with periodontal disease should be extracted or can be saved. 

Deciding When to Refer: Difficult Cases, Difficult Clients, Difficult Decisions (Coffman)

Ever have those cases you just don’t want to touch or those clients you just don’t want to deal with?  Lets us help you to determine when referral is in the best interest of not only your patient but also for you.