Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act

AVMA Calls for Action

Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act (S. 1171)

The Senate finally passed a key piece of legislation that is required to legally allow doctors to transport drugs in the course of business from their base premise to house calls or mobile practice, ranch & equine, feed lots, etc.  Assumedly, the "war on drugs" along with the serious problem of drug diversion has caused an excessive caution in resolving this issue.

So now the U.S. House of Representatives needs to take on this vitally important legislation, and pass it.

The AVMA is championing the passage of this legislation and inviting all veterinarians, including non-members, to visit their Legislative Action Center where you will find easy to use assistance to identify your representative and send a quick note of support for passage. It works very much like CVMA's excellent Legislative Action center and contact tools.

Go to: Show your support for the Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act

It will only take a few minutes to add your voice to the effort.