Advantages of Membership

  • The SDCVMA diligently protects and promotes the practice of Veterinary Medicine and the Profession as a whole on the local, county and state level. 
  • Supporting local organized veterinary medicine is supporting your profession at the community level.
  • Membership is a good way to build a support network of other veterinarians to deal with business trends, new marketing ideas to increase business and address client related issues. 
  • Contacts through the Association serve as a good source for networking if you are looking for a job, or trying to recruit staff. 
  • SDCVMA meetings and social functions promote camaraderie and foster interaction with your colleagues and industry partners. 
  • The Association maintains a “headquarters office” with a full time staff.  Staff is available to assist you with problems, directives or inquiries.
  • Public and colleague referrals are provided by SDCVMA staff or via the 'Find A Vet' module on the SDCVMA website.
  • The SDCVMA’s monthly newsmagazine, the Intercom, will keep you informed of current issues affecting veterinarians in practice and in San Diego. 
  • Free classified advertising is available to members on the SDCVMA website. 
  • Emailed notices of product recall and safety alerts as well as meeting reminders and announcements of interest are provided in a timely manner, keeping you connected.
  • The Association has a process to address unlicensed activity locally, (i.e., chiropractors, dentists, groomers, pet shops, anesthesia-free dental services).  We contact potential violators; maintain a database of information, and report all known potential violators to the Veterinary Medical Board and the CA Department of Consumer Affairs.
  • The Association provides a strong continuing education program enabling you to keep current without traveling and often without time away from the practice.  Discounted Registration fees for members of the SDCVMA.

Annual Conferences:   Each year the Association sponsors two major nationally attended meetings in San Diego, one in the spring and one in the fall.  These two-day, one topic in-depth conferences provide nationally known expert speakers in an intimate environment.  Past topics have included orthopedics, urology, endocrinology, cardiology, etc.  This is a good opportunity to attend a quality continuing educational program without leaving town.  Group breakfast and lunch is provided.  Exhibitors participate in an adjacent room.   Discounted registration fees for members.

Specialists’ Update Sunday  Each year in March, local Board Certified Specialists volunteer their time to provide an update in their field of practical use to the general practitioner.  Each topic is a focused twenty minute lecture followed by a question & answer period.  It is rapid fire and jam- packed with timely info for your practice.  This program typically offers 12 speakers with breakfast and a group luncheon.  Discounted registration fees for members.

Vendor Sponsored Meetings:  On occasion a vendor will sponsor a Dinner & CE meeting for members.  Typically on weeknight evenings, these 1-2 hour meetings typically provide CE credits and offer dinner sponsored by the industry partner, along with local or national speakers.  

  • Independent Contractor Relationship Committee: This long standing committee helps to promote a solid contractual relationship which is paramount for withstanding an audit by the government or for workers’ compensation insurance auditing.  As issues of relevance might arise they will be addressed in the best interest of the membership.
  • Speakers Bureau: Provides a referral to a member speaker for community groups, schools, etc., for events and programs relative to the profession and responsible pet ownership.
  • Videos, digital slide presentations, visual aids and age appropriate handout materials are available to members to assist in school, career day and community group presentations.
  • Through our relationship with the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA and the County Department of Animal Services, we maintain a good avenue of communication and stay posted on activities in our community.  We often participate in community alliance groups.
  • Through our District I Governor and Delegates to the California Veterinary Medical Association, we have a voice in Sacramento to protect veterinary positions on political issues affecting our industry.