Veterinarians Available for Relief


Milton Gee DVM, UCDVM '78 --  36 year solo practice owner, excellent in client relations and surgery.  health certificates, DEA licensed, and Avimark proficient.  


Andrew Klotz, D.V.M. (UCD ’83)(aka “Klotzie”) Relief or PT, LIC. 

  • SA and limited exotics.  
  • Excellent Med/Sx/dentistry/behavior.
  • Prior practice owner.
  • Pref N. County and Central SD county.
  • Accredited, DEA licensed, personable. 
(619) 384-1405

Andrew Zuckerman, DVM (WI-1996) Over 20 years experience in many different clinical settings. Strong skills in dermatology, internal medicine, and soft tissue surgery. USDA accredited for health certificates. DEA licensed. Bilingual: English and Spanish. Large dog spays, no problem. Competitive rates. Great patient care. Top production and ACT.


John Ashbaugh, DVM  (ROS 96), LIC, USDA accredited, DEA licensed, 15+ yrs relief experience in San Diego and Southern California.  


Taryn Kashani, DVM (MO03)

  • Licensed Independent Contractor
  • USDA accredited
  • Dependable & highly effecient
  • Clear & concise medical records
  • Thorough work-ups
  • Personable with excellent client communication
  • San Diego County only please

Dr. Erica Ellis (UT, 2011) I am skilled in soft tissue surgery and well-versed in exotic and small animal medicine. Clients and staff alike describe me as compassionate and attentive. I respond to inquiries within 24 hrs and am currently based in North County. View my CV here, and my contract (including rates) is available here.


Stephen Poleshuk (WSU '81)

20 year practice owner

Excellent med/sx

Accredited, DEA Licensed


Thorough work ups, experienced in soft tissue surgery and dentistry. Excellent medical record documentation allows you to follow up on cases when you return and strong client communication skills work to send your clients home with treatment plans they can complete. Additionally have completed acupuncture, fear free practice and pain management. For more information, resume link and schedule availability calendar please visit


Hello Everyone!

We are in need of regular relief.  If you are available, let us know!  We are paper light so computer skills are a must, great flexible staff, digital radiographs, laser therapy and more.  Two days in particular are needed.  Feb. 28 and March 7 2020 but for the long term, we need regular help!


Diana Deckert, DVM  (Purdue '97)

Licensed Independent Contractor

  • Availability: most days, weekends; last-minute may be feasible
  • > 20 years experience in canine and feline practice
  • Insured: liability and medical
  • DEA licensed
  • USDA accredited
  • Efficient exams and thorough records
619-318-0946 text ok

Harvazinski, Dee (TEX89)
Licensed Independent Contractor

• Excellent client communication skills and great with staff. 
• Small Animal and Exotics.  
Experienced with CO2 Laser Surgery.  
Efficient and able to handle busy caseload.  
Good production stats. 

   San Diego County only please


I received my DVM from Midwestern University (Glendale, AZ) in 2018 and interned at VCA Animal Referral and Emergency Center of Arizona (rotating, primarily ER).
I was an associate vet at VCA AMC El Cajon Dec'19-May'20 (GP primarily, urgent care). ER is ok on occasional basis (relief), otherwise much more comfortable with GP/appts (relief or for hire). Surgery: dental, sterlization, lac repair, novice in ER abdominal sx
I grew up in Vista, attended Miracosta CC before transfer to UC Davis where I obtained B.S. in Biological Sciences.
Work very well with cats <3, and dogs, love pitt


Craig Dixon DVM -  Client friendly, surgically experienced, previous hospital owner.  Excellent production.  USDA Accredited - Available for relief services M,T,Th,F,S.    Available for all of San Diego county.


858-334-3334 (cell)

Jernigan, Maria ( UF  86)

Licensed Independent Contractor.  Accredited and DEA License

Previous Practice Owner.  Reliable. Very productive.  Strong skills in internal medicine, soft tissue surgery, client communication and rapport with the staff.

Available Monday, Thursday and Friday. 

760- 470-9493

Elizabeth Kelly D.V.M  (Ross 1997)

Prior small animal practice owner with 20+ years of experience.

  • Incorporated
  • USDA Accredited
  • DEA License 
  • Insured
  • Available weekdays.  Weekends and Holidays negotiable.
  • Mobile Equine Class IV laser therapy
  • Minor small animal soft tissue surgery 
  • Complete physical exams, medical record keeping and client communication.

Please contact me via email or text.

619 252 3707