Veterinarians Available for Relief


Dr. Erica Ellis (UT, 2011) I am skilled in soft tissue surgery and well-versed in exotic and small animal medicine. Clients and staff alike describe me as compassionate and attentive. I respond to inquiries within 24 hrs and am currently based in North County. View my CV here, and my contract (including rates) is available here.


Stacey Wallach, DVM, cVMA (MO 2003)

  • Licensed independent contractor available for small animal relief in San Diego, preferably North County.
  • Comfortable in both large fast paced and smaller one doctor practices.  
  • Previous practice owner of 13 years.
  • USDA accredited, DEA license, PLIT insured.
  • Proficient in medicine, soft tissue surgery, dental and acupuncture.
  • Excellent client communication skills and staff relations.

Licensed Independent Contractor:  29 years experience as a independent  contractor and a practice owner.  Computer literate, works well with clients and staff.  Avoid relief agencies and save money. 


Veronica Palacios Brecht DVM (WU 2007)

- Licensed Independent Contractor available for relief for small animal medicine in San Diego, preferrably North County. I am very comfortable in high volume, fast paced practices with multiple doctors. I am internship trained and enjoy seeing small exotics as well. I have USDA Aphis National Veterinary Accreditation and have a DEA license. I have used WoofWare, Avimark and Cornerstone. I am bilingual and work great with the team and have been told I have excellent communication with clients. 



Milton Gee DVM, UCDVM '78 --  practice owner for 36 years same location, excellent in client & employee relations and surgery.  USDA/APHIS accredited, DEA licensed, and Avimark proficient.  mentoring or assistance with difficult spays, tibio-tarsal luxations, feline PU's. 



Jessica Lynch, DVM (UCD 1992)

Experienced licenced independent contractor available for relief on Saturdays.  I am comfortable with routine surgery as well as other soft tissue surgery.  I have about 15 years of emergency clinic experience as well as about 10 years (some overlap) of low-cost spay-neuter work.  I am a long time relief veterinarian, flexible and can work in a wide variety of practice environments.


Routine soft tissue surgery and internal medicine. DEA licensed
Currently practicing at an ER hospital in SD as a relief vet willing to practice in other hospitals in San Diego county  



Taryn Kashani, DVM (MO03)

Licensed independent contractor available for small animal relief in San Diego County.  

--USDA accredited 

--DEA License 

--Dependable and efficiient 

--Clear and concise records

--Excellent client communication 







SeaCoast Veterinary Group in Imperial Beach is seeking Relief Veterinarian(s) for the following dates:

July 12, 13, 14, 15.

August 5th and 12th.

Clinic Hours are 9am-5pm with a 60-90 minute lunch. Please ask to speak with the Practice Manager, Jenny.

Thank you!


Jernigan, Maria ( UF  86)

Licensed Independent Contractor.  Accredited and DEA License

Previous Practice Owner.  Reliable. Very productive.  Strong skills in internal medicine, soft tissue surgery, client communication and rapport with the staff.

Available Monday, Thursday and Friday. 

760- 470-9493

Andrew Klotz, D.V.M. (UCD ’83)(aka “Klotzie”) Relief or PT, LIC. 

  • SA and limited exotics.  
  • Excellent Med/Sx/dentistry/behavior.
  • Prior practice owner.
  • Pref N. County and Central SD county.
  • Accredited, DEA licensed, personable. 
(619) 384-1405

Harvazinski, Dee (TEX89)
Licensed Independent Contractor

• Excellent client communication skills and great with staff. 
• Small Animal and Exotics.  
Experienced with CO2 Laser Surgery.  
Efficient and able to handle busy caseload.  
Good production stats. 

   San Diego County only please