Veterinarians Available for Relief


Jernigan, Maria ( UF  86)

Licensed Independent Contractor.  Accredited and DEA License

Previous Practice Owner.  Reliable.  Strong skills in internal medicine, soft tissue surgery, client communication and rapport with the staff.  Limited exotics.

Available Monday and Wednesdays.

760- 470-9493

Craig Dixon DVM  (CSU 70)

Licensed independent contractor, USDA accredited, & DEA licensed

Excellent Medicine & Surgery - 

Great client communicator - Previous hospital owner 

Dog Genetic Disease author -

Available Thursday, Friday, & Saturday.



Cora Watson, DVM

  • Small animal relief veterinarian
  • Licensed independent contractor
  • DEA licensed
  • USDA Category II accreditation

Ellen Catt DVM  (MSU 84)   Small animal relief.  Reliable, good client communication, compassionate, clear record keeping.   Accrediated and DEA Lic.
East County preferred. M-Th   


619 985-4459

Harvazinski, Dee (TEX89)
Licensed Independent Contractor

• Excellent client communication skills and great with staff. 
• Small Animal and Exotics.  
Experienced with CO2 Laser Surgery.  
Efficient and able to handle busy caseload.  
Good production stats. 

   San Diego County only please


Andrew Klotz, DVM (UCD ’83)(aka “Klotzie”) Relief or PT, LIC. 

  • SA and limited exotics.  
  • Excellent Med/Sx/dentistry/behavior.
  • Prior practice owner.
  • Pref N. County and Central SD county.
  • Accredited, DEA licensed, personable. 
(619) 384-1405

Nansi Laing DVM'97

Licensed,insured and USDA category II accreditation.

Small animal, avian and exotics experience with fear-free practice style.

Medically thorough, highly productive, business savy, enjoys client and team bonding, compassionate care

(619) 796-2473

Milton Gee DVM, UCDVM '78 -- previous solo practice owner of 36 years, excellent in client relations and surgery. Experience in otitis cases, perineal urethrostomy, cystotomy, 3rd eyelid gland fixation, kcs implantation, cruciate repair, enterotomy, splenectomy, ultrasound, rigid scope use, Hollander practice management and Avimark.  December bookings available.


Taryn Kashani, DVM (MO03)

  • Licensed Independent Contractor
  • USDA accredited
  • Dependable & highly effecient
  • Clear & concise medical records
  • Thorough work-ups
  • Personable with excellent client communication
  • Available MWF
  • San Diego County only please

Experienced in soft tissue surgery and dentistry. Excellent medical record documentation allows you to follow up on cases when you return and strong client communication skills work to send your clients home with treatment plans they are able to complete. Let's discuss how I can support your practice. Additionally have completed acupuncture, fear free practice and pain management training. For more information, resume link and schedule availability calendar please visit