Staff Available


Relief Veterinary Technician with 13+ years experience with small animals. Experience with X-rays, dental X-rays, dental prophylaxis and extractions, surgical assisting & anesthetic monitoring, IVC placement, veni-puncture, cystocentisis, and in-house diagnostics. Great client communication. Self motivated. For the last four years I was lead technician in a small animal GP. I'm proficient with the use of Cornerstone, and have some experience with Avimark programs. Feel free to email me with any further questions. 


Relief RVT work available. 10+ years experience small animal, exotic, large animal, shelter, zoo, marine mammals, avian . Advance skills in dentistry, including dental X-rays , cohats, extractions.  Proficient with AX and SX, catheter placement wide range of species . Available with minimal advance notice .