Controlled Substances Prescription Compliance Alert

Controlled Substances Prescription Compliance Alert 
CA Veterinary Medical Board

If the prescription forms you are using for controlled substances are the old “triplicate forms,” or are not compliant secured controlled substance prescription forms as required by California Health and Safety Code section 11162.1 (H&S 11162.1), they will be rejected by California pharmacies.

Recent enforcement by the California Board of Pharmacy has resulted in pharmacies refusing prescriptions written for controlled substances by veterinarians using non-compliant prescription forms.  Older forms may lack certain security features or required check boxes for refills.  If you suspect your forms may be non-compliant, you may need to reorder current California compliant secure controlled substance prescription forms from a California Department of Justice (DOJ) licensed secure printer.  

Non-compliant controlled prescription forms can be used for non-controlled drugs, however this practice is discouraged to prevent confusion; destruction of old non-compliant forms is recommended.

  • Prescriptions for CII controlled substances must be in writing on California compliant secure prescription forms.
  • Prescriptions for CIII-V controlled substances can be in written form on California compliant secure prescription forms or can be transmitted to a pharmacist either orally or electronically (faxed).  The pharmacist will convert the oral or electronic prescription to a written prescription.  E-mailed prescriptions are not permitted.

Further information concerning controlled substance prescribing, dispensing and administration may be found at the VMB Controlled Substances FAQs for California Veterinarians.