S.D. Zoo 2016 Centennial Exhibition

San Diego History Center
S.D. Zoo 2016 Centennial Exhibition

From March through December, 2016, the San Diego History Center (SDHC) in Balboa Park is presenting a major exhibition commemorating the 100th anniversary of the San Diego Zoo, the most important such institution in America, and one of the leading zoos in the world!

A key aspect of this important exhibition will be a focus on veterinary medicine, animal care, animal welfare, conservation and preventing extinction. With the close cooperation of the San Diego Zoo, The History Center will install a replica of the Zoo’s ICU and will have docent-guided tours and programs. In pursuing this initiative, the History Center is requesting the assistance of the San Diego veterinary and animal welfare community and has held several meetings of a volunteer committee of San Diego County veterinarians.

Specifically, the San Diego History Center is considering the following, and invites the feedback and participation of SDCVMA members:

•  A lecture series at regular intervals, including panel discussions with veterinary and animal welfare specialists.
•  Specific days at the San Diego History Center devoted to veterinary specializations and individual veterinary practices.
•  Publicity and benefits for veterinarian sponsors of the exhibition.
•  “A Day in the Life of a Veterinarian”: an educational introduction to the profession for students and those interested in veterinarian medicine.
•  The voluntary provision of docent guidance to the Centennial exhibition.|
•  Volunteer membership in the veterinarians’ committee currently advising the San Diego History Center for this exhibition.

Providing examples of the following objects and artifacts:

Steel examining tables.
Stethoscopes, feeding tubes, lab equipment of varying sizes.
X-ray scans of various animals.
Video on veterinary treatment and practice.
Artifacts for children to see and perhaps touch.

The San Diego History Center welcomes your advice and participation for this major Centennial commemoration of the San Diego Zoo.

Please direct your feedback and comments to:
Donald Bell, Ph.D. at the San Diego History Center: donaldh.bell@gmail.com