Report Illegal Activity

Unlicensed Veterinary Activity

Unlicensed activity takes place when a procedure, task, service or activity that constitutes the practice of veterinary medicine is performed by any person other than a California licensed veterinarian, or performed in the absence of direct supervision of the person by a veterinarian. This could be a layperson, a groomer, a breeder, a chiropractor, etc.

The issue of the unlicensed and illegal practice of anesthesia free pet dentistry surfaced in 1988 when action was taken against a groomer in Stockton CA who was using an ultrasonic dental scaler to clean the teeth of her “client’s” pets.  Currently, California law states that only a veterinarian can apply a dental instrument to an animal's tooth to remove plaque or calculus below the gumline.  A veterinary technician working under the direct on site supervision of a veterinarian can also scale teeth.  Dental cleanings in groomer's offices, pet stores and other nonveterinary enviroment's are usually in violation of the law.  If an animal is harmed or killed, the owner of the pet has little recourse to go after these unlicensed individuals. 

Unlicensed and improperly trained persons may cause harm to pets or create a potential for harm to animal patients.

If you have evidence that indicates an unlicensed person is participating in activities for which a license is required, please inform the San Diego County Veterinary Medical Association and file a complaint with the California Veterinary Medical Board.  We maintain a record of potential violators, (and host locations) and any documented evidence that we can obtain.

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